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Welcome to NEEV - The Prep School

“The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six.”

Dr. Maria Montessori

Our Philosophy

Our approach is towards providing a nurturing environment filled with warmth to foster the holistic development of each child. We aim at preparing today’s children to grow into tomorrow’s innovators and leaders by providing them with ample number of opportunities to learn basic life skills, decision-making, critical thinking and problem-solving.

NEEV – The Prep School, symbolizes vibrancy and liberty where each child is respected as an independent individual whose views are valued.

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Assembly Zone

A well designed big quadrangle accommodates a large group of children for regular assembly activities that include ...


To develop emergent literacy behaviors and pre-reading skills, a large inviting Reading Room for children is a part...

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab provides vital technological aid to both staff and students in their Teaching Learning activities....

Music and Dance Room

These Rooms are designed for children to learn dance and music with freedom of movement and expressions. It enhance...

Quality Inputs

The following activities compliment the core academic programme.

Emerging Athletes : A large ground is utilized for physical training and sport activities so as to develop gross motor skills and self discipline.

Class Presentation : To enhance every child’s confidence, we lay a foundation of public speaking and personality development where all children get an opportunity to present in front of an audience.

Adventure Sports : During the academic year, a full week is devoted to Adventure activities. This week is full of activities for training our young learners under the guidance of a professional coach. It includes practice of Wall climbing, Flying fox, Burma bridge, Monkey ladder, Trampoline jump, etc. This programme also helps children overcome fear of heights and undertake responsible adventure activities.

Sensory diet : This is a set of sensory activities specifically tailored to stimulate the child’s senses – Look, listen, touch, smell and taste.

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