NEEV – The Prep School provides adequate opportunities for stimulating experiences favorably affecting each child’s various learning abilities. We aim to provide a cohesive approach to facilitate the unfolding of the child’s innate potential in all domains of development. Our curriculum focuses on the developmental stages where the child is given opportunities to investigate, explore and develop an understanding of their immediate and wider environment – human, social and cultural. In this process of exploration children are involved in observation, questioning, discussion, prediction, analysis, investigation and experimentation. At the end, they establish attitudes and competencies related to their learning which will stay with them for their life time.


NEEV – The Prep School follows an on-going observation of every individual child, based on their development milestones. Educators observe and document every child’s conceptual knowledge, physical, mental and emotional growth. Hence, our programme sustains the balance between child’s development and the curriculum content. The cumulative observational record term-wise is depicted through Progress Report and a Portfolio.

Quality Inputs

The following activities compliment the core academic programme.

Emerging Athletes : A large ground is utilized for physical training and sport activities so as to develop gross motor skills and self discipline.

Class Presentation : To enhance every child’s confidence, we lay a foundation of public speaking and personality development where all children get an opportunity to present in front of an audience.

Adventure Sports : During the academic year, a full week is devoted to Adventure activities. This week is full of activities for training our young learners under the guidance of a professional coach. It includes practice of Wall climbing, Flying fox, Burma bridge, Monkey ladder, Trampoline jump, etc. This programme also helps children overcome fear of heights and undertake responsible adventure activities.

Sensory diet : This is a set of sensory activities specifically tailored to stimulate the child’s senses – Look, listen, touch, smell and taste.

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